Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finally able to get one picture of my sweet angel. His procedure went great yesterday they took out the adenoids and scoped his airway which showed his airway is small which can cause him to have recurrent croup, but not to small where they would have to do surgery. They said his sinuses were horrible so they flushed them out, hoping we don't have to do surgery, but Dr. Real said he would wait see how he does and let him get a little older. He's doing great today, but he does have tons of drainage from the nose. He is back to wild little Hunter that I'm use to seeing. I pray that this helps and we don't have to do any more procedures.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Everyone please pray for Hunter, tomorrow (Tuesday) we go to Children's. He has to have his adenoids removed, have a bronchoscopy and get his sinuses flushed out. My poor child has had croup 8 times since Feb. so that's the main reason for the Bronchoscopy and adenoidectomy. Maybe my angel feel a lot after having this done. I will give an update after everything is all done.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


The famous "Buzz Lightyear" Hunter is obsessed with Buzz and he thought he was something else going trick 0r treating with all of his cousins. All I heard all night was mommy I want more "cany" d was silent. He would run up to the doors and those little wings were just a bouncing, it was hilarious. He would tell the people "I Buzz." We had a great Halloween this year and got enough candy to last a lifetime.

My niece Chasity thought she was so grown up with all that make-up on.