Monday, February 16, 2009


Today was Hunter's actual birthday so we celebrated again with some cupcakes. When he was blowing out the candles he singed his eyelashes, the ends of the lashes were curled up. I wish I could have gotten a close up. Anyways I can't believe my little angel is 2 yrs old, time has flown by. He is getting big so fast, I wish I could slow it down.

We had a big family birthday party for Hunter and he got so much stuff. Michael and I got him a swing set, sorry no pictures of it yet. Happy Birthday Hunter! Mommy and Daddy loves you

Friday, February 6, 2009

Poor Angel Feels Better

Sorry no pictures, and I have really been slacking on blogging. This past friday, the first day of my off week Hunter started vomiting and having diarrhea. Poor little thing was pitifull, I tried giving him syringes of gatorade, but didn't seem to help him at all. The vomiting stopped saturday but the diarrhea was still going on strong and come Monday he was getting dehydrated. I did everything I could to keep from having to take him to the ER considering it was suppose to be my week to catch up on some rest. So monday afternoon I gave in and took him to the ER and he got IV fluids. After the fluids he started to feel better so they sent us home. Some time in the middle of the night he started feeling bad again and he was still having diarrhea, so I gave him a little time and tried to force gatorade and pedialyte. Around Lunch time he became more lethargic and had not had any wet diapers since the night before, which was the only wet diaper in 2 days. Once again we headed back to the ER and put on IV fluids and was Admitted to the hospital to get more IV fluids throughout the night, he ended up having Rota Virus. We went home the next day around lunch time and was feeling a lot better, still not eating well but at least he was well hydrated. Yesterday (thursday) he was pretty much back to his old self again and trying to eat everything in site, catching up on what he missed the previous days.